Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished?

I won't talk about bin Laden being killed. We've all heard the news. The commentary is already in full swing, and I'll leave that to go where it will. Rest assured, the nuance of the actual assassination event isn't what I'm concerned. We'll just leave it be.

I cannot, however, leave the press conference alone.

Really? You couldn't get your teleprompter and camera in the same spot? Not even remotely close? Come on, you're the President of the United States of America. Public access channels can get this right!

Though sometimes we really wish they didn't.

And what is up with 'Ol Honest Abe being at a perfect right angle to him? It feels like they're posing for an 80s album cover.

The next Mount Rushmore

Some other feeds I've seen have him looking dead on, so couldn't the official White House release have looked like something other than a community college video news update?

Kay den: to the fun stuff!

Another week has come and gone on Oahu. I got a bit of a promotion at work, so that's nice. Yay for inch by inch! Aside from that, we continue to settle in to our new apartment. It's awesome. I can nap whenever I want! You never appreciate that until it's taken away from you. Delicious naps. Mmmm.

As for food, it's been ONO! We're getting used to using the prevalent Hawaiian ingredients more and more. They are so good. If you do not already, start using furikake. It's a Japanese condiment used for rice. It's comes in a few different styles, but my favorite, and the most popular, is roasted nori and sesame seed: nori komi furikake. It is the best thing that has happened to rice since water. Get on that

Seriously. Rice, furikake, fried egg, sriracha, and shoyu.

Chopsticks are rapidly rising through the ranks of my favorite utensil. They are perfect for how lazy I like to be at the table.

We've been finding all kinds of fun stuff for pau hana (after work), too. Like poker.

Which Gabe cheats at.

This week's big adventure is... wait for the HUGE surprise... North Shore! I know, I know... "You go to North Shore all the time, don't you do anything else, etc..."

1: True.
2: Can you blame me?

It's just wonderful out there. Today Leandra and I (Gabe's been in the Bay for work) drove up Kunia Road to the Haleiwa Farmer's Market. What a time we had!

We found huge, delicious, and perfectly ripe avocados. And from the Islands, no less. I would have more pictures of the market, but my hands were too full of delicious produce and goodies. I can't wait to dig in to my bounty this week! The market is pretty cool, though. Aside from the avocados, we got some tomatoes, herbs, sweet potatoes, local whole wheat bread, salad greens, and some nice ahi steaks. Truly Gaea is showing her aloha side. Mahalo nui loa!

After the market, we decided to walk around Haleiwa. It's really a gorgeous, quaint little spot. Our first stop, naturally, was Matsumoto's Grocery.

Shave ice time! Lilikoi, melona, and mango, with a snowcap. Absolutely baller! Matsumoto's is probably the most famous shave ice spot in Hawaii. It started off as an actual grocery ages ago, but the shave ice became so famous and profitable that now it's really just an ice stand and a store of trinkets about said ice. More than a tad touristy for me, but you gotta pay the bills.

From Matsumoto's, a quick stroll down Kamehameha Highway will land you at the Ron Artis family gallery. Ron Artis is a local artist that does big outdoor paint pieces. Murals, old houses, barns, vehicles, that sort of thing.

As you can see, he specializes in awesome. There's a little gallery/music venue/bar inside, but pictures are not allowed inside. Just come and see it yourself. You'll have a blast.

And, yes, those fruits and veggies we picked up are being put to good use.

Locally-baked organic whole wheat bread, pan toasted and drizzled with olive oil. Prepared as an open face sandwich of avocado, tomato, basil, and spring onion. Finished with olive oil, sea salt, and balsamic drizzle. Served with peppery spring mix in vinaigrette. Pair with sweet mint noni tea and you've got a perfect evening meal.

Finally, we have new additions for the "stuff that is had" list:

Dining set:

Living room set:


It's coming together, yeah? Well, I figure that wraps up another good post. Please kokua one to another.


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  1. you had to rub the shaved ice in my face again didn't you.

    p.s. some of my friends are visiting oahu right now. 3 french girls.

    just let me know. ;)