Monday, May 9, 2011

If the rain comes, they run and hide their heads

How is everyone today? Alright? Good. Glad to hear it. Me? Well, I'm carved from one flawless slab of sheer awesome, as per usual. So that's cool. All is right with the world. Speaking of how badass I am, shall we recount my exploits?


So this week has been... wet. Really wet. We are still working our way out of the rainy season over here, and it seems intent upon holding sway for as long as meteorologically possible. It could be a while. Not that rain is bad. It's keeps the island green and gorgeous, but it does begin to wear thin after a bit. I want to go out! I need SUN! 

All that being said, Oahu rainstorms really aren't the worst thing to be in. It's still slippah weather, people just use umbrellas. It's the funniest thing to see. Flip-flops, shorts, Aloha shirt, and a big clear umbrella. I really didn't expect to see this much umbrella utilization here. Hawaiians must really not know what rain is like on the Mainland. It blows, in case you guys have tried to forget that. It's cold, angry, and all the time. Hawaiian rain is like having a girlfriend get really mad at you for twenty minutes and then forget completely what the argument was over, only to have it restart an hour later.

Being inside, we've been getting crafty in the kitchen:

Monday night's dinner was a delicious Thai green curry with scallops, squash, peppers, eggplant, and all kinds of delicious on a bed of jasmine rice. Incidentally, it was so delicious and scrumptious, and I so hungry, that no photographic evidence exists. Confound it all!

But you are in luck, because this is what Tuesday had in store:

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, that is the return of Taco Tuesday. We brought it back in a new locale with a slightly retooled, but still just as stellar, cast. It's like May sweeps! By the way, there were six other tacos just like the ones you see there, all bursting with avocado. What is different about Hawaiian Taco Tuesday, however, is all that avocado came from half of a single avocado. This may seem crazy, until you see what avocados are like over here.

Yes, that is one avocado.

Tuesday still strong in our bellies, how would Wednesday match up?

With sushi, of course. At the Haleiwa farmer's market, we picked up some fantastic ahi for a song. It was stupid cheap. I don't want to tell you the price, because you'll hate me. Just know that it was awesome.

Awesome enough to make that much sushi. And then a batch of spicy poke for the next night. We eat like kings over here. Seither Ali'i!

Now, for the journey:

This week's travels brought us yet again to North Shore. It's definitely becoming our Sunday thing. We woke up, had some DAMN good coffee (sorry, we're watching Twin Peaks right now), fitted the Jeep with windows, and headed up Kunia Road toward Haleiwa. We got some great stuff at the market this week (five avocados!) and then headed over to Matsumoto's for some shave ice. I know I sound like a broken record over here, but it's really hard to beat perfection. Slow kine life is best kine life.

Shave ice in hand (melona and coconut with snow cap - fucking ONO), I walked around town for a bit. Leandra and Gabriel sat in the Jeep to get out of the rain, but I had things to do. Also, I needed to stretch my legs. I'm really glad I did, because I got to check out this really cool church/graveyard.

I expected interesting just from that entryway. It just really screams Hawaii to me. Overgrown and covered in red dirt. It was a super cool graveyard. It was mostly filled with native Hawaiians, many dying in the time before statehood. It's always humbling to "read" headstones. There's no other situation where dates can tell such a story. No verbs needed.

This one broke my heart. Just looking at the numbers, you know exactly what happened. I ached when I saw this. Cherish the people around you. They matter.

A full day on North Shore complete, we headed back for the domicile. But what is this we had waiting for us?

Oh, shit, guys. That looks like a ping pong table.

It totally was a ping pong table waiting for us! And when I say waiting, I mean I stayed up to 2AM the night before putting it together and then woke up at 8:30 to finish it up. So it was waiting in the sense that is wasn't doing anything while we were gone. 

But everybody, ping pong is awesome. SO COOL. This is the new thing. You should all have one. It's a great addition to the lanai.

Alright, I think that makes a solid post. I better get to sleep, I have to cover for somebody at work tomorrow. As always, please kokua one to another.



  1. TELL ME THE PRICE. i don't wanna know but i wanna know

    also, the frenches just posted their photo album with manoa falls, waimea falls, waikiki beach, and what looked like the submarine soldier bar. that really hit home.

  2. And they missed out on their chance to have it include my naked midnight swim at Waikiki?